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Viatical Settlement Calculator

Use our viatical settlement calculator to receive an instant payout estimate.

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How does the viatical settlement calculator work?

Our viatical settlement calculator uses a proprietary system to estimate your policy’s value based upon your health, age, future premium costs and current market conditions.  Once you complete the form, our system will provide you with an instant viatical settlement value, which includes the potential offer amount and the projected premium savings if you were to sell your policy today.

How accurate is the instant estimate?

Our professionals have worked hard to develop a calculator that is accurate as possible based on the information inputted by the client.  However, since every person’s health profile is unique and there are thousands of different types of life insurance products, our most accurate estimate will come after we are able to review your medical records and obtain policy information directly from your insurance company.  Our goal is to provide you with a preliminary estimate to help you decide if it’s an option for you.  If the result is not what you expected, please contact us for more detailed underwriting to determine if there is value in your policy.

Quick Tip:  For the best result, make sure to follow these simple steps:

Annual Premiums – Enter the minimum yearly premium necessary to keep your policy in force.  If you need help determining this amount, please contact us.

Health Status – Do your best to select the appropriate health status.  If you’re not sure what category to choose, contact us for assistance.

Find out your potential viatical settlement payout amount.
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